What i do


Hello this post for individuals who requested to see what i can design and what i do as social media manager

To start with

  1. I prepare the automated response for your Facebook page also tweak the page to look as professional as possible
  2. I help you with email marketing using MailChimp b2b or b2c
  3. I make websites if you want a site for your little business
  4. I manage your social media (Facebook , Instagram , twitter , tik tok , YouTube
  5. I help you with preparing the SWOT ANALYSIS and competitor market share analysis
  6. I prepare content calendar.. to have scheduled content for your page though out the month
  7. i prepare your customer persona … the ideal customer personality to target it thought-out your paid campaigns
This was done on photoshop years ago 👆






mail chimp email marketing

This is how it would look like ..in email marketing

creating a persona for the coustomer is very vital to insure the quality of the marketing campign

As a social media manager we can prepare a small site for small business who want to have a presence on the web

site preview


customer persona

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